Giving genes the silent treatment, with Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

20. sept. 202124 MIN LISTEN

***As of 28 December 2021, Novo Nordisk completed its acquisition of Dicerna Pharmaceuticals. This episode was recorded prior to the acquisition on 26 August 2021.*** In this episode of One Step Ahead, Douglas Fambrough, Ph.D., President and CEO at Dicerna Pharmaceuticals, talks us through “RNA interference,” an innovative technique that can target and silence certain disease-causing genes. From kidney-related disease to neurological disorders – and potentially even alcohol use disorder – he asserts that gene-based medicines have the potential to be a safe and effective approach to treating disease. 

According to Dr. Fambrough, we’re at the early stages of a “big bang” for gene-based medicine, and RNAi is just one of many disruptive technologies set to change the future of healthcare. This episode was presented by Libby Potter.See for privacy information.