Amundi Prime ETF: the next generation of low cost ETFs


Access to the next generation of ETFs at only 0.05% OGC1

With a low fee of 0.05%1 per ETF, we offer investors a prime advantage in building an ultra-low cost portfolio in the simplest possible way. Discover Amundi Prime ETF range with 5 equity and 5 bond ETFs benefiting from Europe’s largest asset manager2 expertise and bargaining power.


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Why Amundi Prime ETF make building portfolios easy

New regulations and a drive towards greater transparency – especially on costs – have inspired us to offer investors Europe’s lowest cost ETF range3. Amundi Prime ETF range offers investors the low-cost foundation to build a diversified portfolio, based on 6 strong principles:     


With a market-leading fee of 0.05%1 per ETF, we have used our considerable pricing power to make the price work for all investors.  



 Investors can find the must-have building blocks of a diversified portfolio – by asset class and geography.




  The Amundi Prime ETF range is very simple: one ultra-low cost of 0.05%1 and a clear-cut choice of a single index provider.  




Amundi Prime ETFs are physically replicated, which means they follow the performance of an index as simply as possible.   




At Amundi we have embedded responsible investing as one of our 4 founding principles. These ETFs will specifically
not invest in companies that trade in controversial weapons.


Millions of investors trust us as Europe’s largest asset manager 2. Our strong know-how in ETFs is backed up by a host of industry awards.


A simple and ultra low cost range with a single fee of 0.05%


Large & mid-cap Global equities

Largest Eurozone equities

Large & mid-cap European equities

Large & mid-cap US equities

Large & mid-cap Japanese equities


Global Developed govies

Eurozone govies

Euro IG Corporate bonds

US Treasury bonds

US Corporate bonds

In partnership with

To build the Amundi Prime ETF range and achieve this unbeatable level of fees without compromising on quality, we partner with Solactive, the leading index provider with over 10 years’ experience and more than USD 200 billions invested in their indices.

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Investment in a Fund carries a substantial degree of risk such as  Risk of capital loss – Underlying risk – Volatility Risk. Before any investment, please read the detailed descriptions of the main risks detailed in the DICI and prospectus.  

1. Ongoing charges - annual, all taxes included. The ongoing charges represent the charges taken from the fund over a year. Until the fund has closed its accounts for the first time, the ongoing charges are estimated. Transaction cost and commissions may occur when trading ETFs.
2. Source IPE “Top 400 asset managers” published in June 2019 and based on AUM as of end December 2018.
3. Source Amundi: Comparison based on the ongoing charges (OGC) of equivalent “core” ETF ranges available in Europe. Data from Bloomberg as of 30/08/2019. Important: some individual Funds may not be cheaper than their European peers or may not have an equivalent to compare with and vice versa. Analysis excluding third party commissions/costs incurred directly by investors when trading.